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The Made to Measure Diet Plan

The Programme

Made to Measure Diet Plan is a prescription medication used by The Hospital Group clinic in its weight loss program. A number of studies and scientific articles have been published on using this ingredient in weight loss programmes over the past 60 years.

Conditions of Participation

  • You will have a consultation before starting the Made to Measure Diet Plan in combination with a VLCD (very low calorie diet). You will undergo a fasting blood test. A comprehensive metabolic panel to measure kidney function, liver function, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and glucose will be drawn. A good pregnancy test may also be performed.
  • You will be weighed: your blood pressure and pulse will be recorded.
  • Any patients who are not compliant with follow up office visits and/or scheduled laboratory draws will not be allowed to have refills on their Made to Measure Diet Plan.
  • If at any time during your office visit, you should have any questions, concerns, or problems, you are encouraged to consult with our staff. If you should experience any problems or concerns after being discharged from our office, please call 1850 20 40 90 with any questions.
  • Office Visit 1- Initial consultation, weight and measurements, lab draw. Dispensing of Made to Measure medication. Review of diet for the next month.
  • Office Visit 2: one week later. Weigh in. No charge. Review of diet.
  • Office Visit 3: Review of first months results and planning for next month. If you choose to continue, an additional 1-month supply will be dispensed.


Made to Mwasure is virtually free of negative side effects, but because you must follow a very low calorie, low fat diet tat can sometimes trigger a gallbladder attack in individuals who are genetically pre-disposed to gallbladder disease.

Your medication will be discontinued if there is a severe adverse reaction. There is no weight loss guarantee with our programme.

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